Hari-Hari Raya!!


Heh what an intro...so anyway.

The Raya was celebrated expectantly simple. The day before Raya, went to my mum's house thinking that we would help cook but end up going there late and just in time for berbuka. Stayed until 11.30 (planned to stay only till 9 but played board game and went on without realising the time).

Raya morning, woke up and as usual had a little teaser of what we could expect from other houses - ketupat with kuah kacang (took from mum's house). Went to the Masjid for the usual Raya prayer and went straight to mum's again. Farid was strong enough to walk up a flight of stairs at the Masjid with her fully bloated belly. Proud of her :)

Went to my aunt's house, not too long, went back home and rested. "Rest" is an understatement, we blacked out. Slept until it's time for Maghrib. So basically that's the first day of Raya. At night we watched TV.

The second day was a little bit more packed. Went to PD and then to an open house that have ended but there are leftovers in abundance. The PD trip was great because we were served with Kampung style hidangan. It was marvelous. Then the open house was in USJ and we were served with a more western style meal. Was also marvelous. Had good meals :)
Then at night, watched some more TV.

The third day was a bit stale, but we got our deserved rest. Watched TV in the morning, I went for my Friday prayer and then went to my friend's house. We were served mee sup. That's all for Friday.

Now today. My wife works in the morning so nothing going on now. Now I'm preparing to go to our friend's house (the dearests) and then straight to One Utama for some window shopping. Just wanted to walk around.

One thing though about this Raya, I watched a lot of Malay movie. I'm not a big fan. It's been quite some time since I watched one, fully. But since getting married, I have a wife who submits to the Raya mood well and influenced my own mood. So I watched.

The theme of Raya movies it seems is, sadness. I don't know why, I watched like 5 Malay movies and 4 of them are sad. With bad make ups and so-so acting - my wife cried in all 4 out 5. I'm not complaining, because I got hooked on watching them all. Criticised each and every one along the way but watched them with all intent and purposes. It didn't snooze me. Good enough.

The movies carry the same topic of rudeness, betrayal and immorality. It also seems that the actress and actors in Malay movies are the same. I saw like 3 Rosyam Nor, 3 Farid Kamil, 3 Fauziah Nawi, 2 Umie Aida and so on so forth. I think the director is Rashid Sibir or something. The same stories.

Then there's "I'm not single". Good attempt, but seriously too many plot holes in it. Not to mention the portrayal of bad morality in the society. I guess that is how life is in Malaysia nowadays. These actors should know right? That heroine girl was cute though (wife agrees so I'm not in trouble).

That's all of my Raya, for now. Exciting times ahead. Forgot to mention, having spent 3 and a half day of Raya, the unborn child has been really good. My wife isn't complaining at all. So baby, here's a message for you, be as good as this when you're growing up. We don't want no crying and running around like a spoilt brat. (haha tough kan kan?)

That's all. Gotta get ready for another Raya trip.


Dearests; Matt and Anis said...

"Then there's "I'm not single"... That heroine girl was cute though (wife agrees so I'm not in trouble)."

Oooh. You're talking about Lisa. She's like a sister to me. Known her since we were 7.

wun said...

Ooooo...k'slm kat dia ye..haha.

*wife tak marah cos wife cool.