Technology is quite advanced now; me, not so much. I realize internet is much like coffee now, we can have it on-the-go. Then there’s TV-HD-3D which is like having the real thing in front of you only that you can’t actually feel it, but it’s very clear. If you’re watching football, having moving images of 22 ball enthusiasts running around isn’t enough, human nature demands we clearly see the sweat drip from these enthusiasts.

Again me, not so much. My hand phone is the old technology of 2007. Yes, very old apparently, I only have mp3 and GPRS. My TV isn’t even functioning well, it crackles and shut off once in a while, by itself. My computer, well my trusted computer died on me 3 days ago. I need to repair my windows for the hundredth time in a year – I was also told my computer’s technology is 5 generations old, which if you calculate in normal time, it is 6 years outdated. If it is human my computer would be 300 years old (1 generation 60 years old or something).

Do I feel obsolete? Sometimes I do. I mean I really do want to upgrade my computer or at least the monitor. Apparently my monitor could give me eye cancer – damn. My phone is still hanging in there, even though sometimes I can’t read any sms. Sure I would like a new TV, one which does not think it is a fly trapper and sounding like it is frying imaginative flies (you have to hear it yourself).

The only thing I can say I’m quite technologically on par with others is my camera. But that’s only in par with others who does not have that much money laa. If I compare to those who are rich enough to have a Mark D 5II or a 90D or something more advanced then my camera is pretty weak. Which actually mean I’m not really on par la kan? damn.

Actually I’m not that bothered by it but it is nice if I can have at least one thing which is in par with others. Right now the problem is finance (as with anything) but, is it that necessary? I haven’t had internet at home for 3 days, haven’t used internet at home for 2 weeks prior to that, have not logged in to Facebook for a month, have never had a Twitter account, have been watching TV satisfyingly with the crackler, yesterday my phone was turned off for the whole day because I forgot to charge it but I survived the day pretty well.

I can honestly say I’m doing okay with what I have. So it’s not that necessary. It’s just nice.

Where To Find A Caucasian Baby for Adoption?

Thinking of getting myself a white baby. Sounds a bit off. Let me start again; I discussed with my wife the other day and talked gibberish as usual, but came up with an idea; adoption.

It's cool, it's trendy and all the celebrities are doing. I've not followed any trend since I was 14 (wanted baggy pants so bad) so why not follow one now, right? And why not follow ones which are beneficial to the whole global community, right?

I mean if I get a golden tooth then that's just beneficial to me - if I don't have enough cash on me and left my credit card at home whilst purchasing an oven why not chuck off my front tooth. Also, if I start wearing blingies or bling bling thingy (jeweleries to those less trendy), well that would just weigh me down and distract people from actually noticing my trendy hairdo (the Robert Pattison skate ramp style).

So why not do some good and adopt a Caucasian American baby. Why Caucasian American? Well contrary to popular belief (and slightly off the trend) adopting orphan babies from the US is actually just as charitable as adopting babies from let's say Asia or Africa. First of all I'm Asian so adopting an Asian baby is not trendy (you don't see Madonna and Jolie adopting an American now do you?). Africa, might be a suitable baby adopting site but for the already many Africans here in my country, so it's not eccentric in nature (again following trends).

Furthermore, orphans in the US have it tough. Sure those lucky enough babies might get adopted by an okay American normal family (boring, not glamorous) but what about those who are not adopted? The US is in quite a pickle these days because of the state of their economy, known fact. Their healthcare is disappointing (no money, no insurance no health) and the gap between the rich and the poor there is appalling (much like in Malaysia but their economy is really bad and these babies would most likely be made an army and be made to fight ridiculous wars).

Aren't those good enough reasons to adopt their babies? Plus wouldn't be cool to have a Caucasian baby? I mean my child would be Caucasian. When he/she grows up looking like Rachel McAdams or Brad Pitt and coming to me asking, "Dad am I adopted?" I can be like, "sure you are son/sweety, hence your complexion, your blue eyes, your blond hair, your height, your built, slight freckles here and there and you know, the fact that you're not bin Mohd Syazwan (bin Abdullah of course)...Oo Razif/Fatimah (I'll come up with better names), you're funny aren't you". Won't that be cool?

Won't it be cooler if my adopted child cannot speak good English and would be like, "Ayah, adik nak mamam" but looking all Caucasian. When I go to the mall and my Caucasian child would be like, "nak ice cream", I'll say "tak nak makan ice cream ye sayang, nanti sakit gigi" and he/she will scream her lungs out, "nak! nak! nak! tak nak friend you!". People will be looking with eyes wide open and gasping at the scene of such pecularity.

Caucasians can raise us Asians looking all normal and such, why should it be different for us? I've seen mixed parentage where the mum's Chinese and the dad's Caucasian and the son is moulded in the same form as the dad but still there's a resemblance of the mum. That's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a really white kid with blue eyes, blond hair and no resemblance of us Asians, at all.
Fuyoo! (amazed at the idea)
*this is just imaginary and I doubt it'll happen, but if it does, then I would do justice to the Americans and raise him/her by letting him/her eat mostly fast foods and let him/her watch a lot of TV. This entry is not racist now is it? I'm slightly confused by what's racist and what's not nowadays.

Nothing Much


Being 24 (25 this end of year) and surrounded by people of more or less the same age talks during lunchtime would usually revolve around marriage, money and work. So it is only normal that our conversation during lunch yesterday was about work then it moved on to money and ended up in the marriage area. This, of course is a natural flow of things – work is hell and they don’t pay us enough to satisfy our needs which includes the need to get hitched.

When asked by one of my colleague/friend how does it feel like being married? Is it that great? My automated brain response would say “damn sure it is!”. Of course my brain responded like so because that’s how I genuinely feel.

The expected follow-up question ensued - what’s so great about being married? How is it better than being single?

With a face so smug a bulldog would be proud of it, I answered, “Because it is. I am more calm, relaxed and life becomes a lot more fun in an acceptable pace”. How is that so? Well, though life is not as fast paced as when you’re single and ready to mingle, or if you’re attached to someone (boyfriend/girlfriend), ready to canoodle (not sure either), life takes its course beautifully, well-structured and with a certain raison d'ĂȘtre (for your every movement).

Indeed that’s what I really think of marriage. Everything you do after marriage is for a reason – nothing is wasted for the sake enjoyment and such. E.g. you go out for a movie with your wife to strengthen the bond of marriage and relationship, you go for a movie when you’re single/with girlfriend you don’t really get anything in return but for enjoyment. You buy things that you deem useful and you think long term, but if you’re single unless you do actually think long term then what you buy may not be of use when you’re married – you might think buying a sports car is great now but when you’re married, have children and don’t have enough money to buy a second car, you might regret not thinking twice.

I conclude by saying, yes life gets peaceful and meaningful.

But now that I have time to really think things out. I do believe in everything I said during the whole conversation, but about life being a bit more relaxed and slow-paced, I do have second thoughts. Life is extremely hectic after marriage in actuality. Remembering my first year of marriage, I didn’t relaxed one bit. If my body had time to relax my mind would not be so fortunate.

The second year is no snail either. With the involvement of a little kid in my life, it has definitely spurred things to greater pace. I can think of 1-2 weeks which I actually rested well enough but most days are tiring – work, kid and house chores.

So yeah, life is great after marriage but it’s definitely not slow. Heck, I take it back. Life is turbulent after marriage and I could only presume that this would go on till I retire - at which point I imagine life would be at it’s most relaxing; frequent visit to coffee shops, more time for photography, travelling would not be burdened by lack of leave left for the year, money to slowly burn till I die (having saved enough for the kids), 35 years to go...

Poo! (grumpy young man)

Faris' Snip Snip and I'm Not Single

Interesting stuff to day (to me at least). Went to Faris' cukur jambul - that cute little boy got the snip-snip. In case you're wondering, Faris is Anis and Matt's little warrior child (hope I got this right Matt).

the little warrior during raya, at our place (matt bearhugging the child and anis at the back there)

So anyway, we were among the first to arrive and upon arrival the little warrior was still fast asleep. Nothing interesting there.

So as promised, Anis gave Sofeah her birthday present. Belated, because our chance of meeting is rather slim - but very much appreciated nonetheless. The present; a sing-a-long pop up book which Sofeah loves. Sofeah by the by, loves book. She also loves music. Her favourite cartoon is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Sufficed to say, this is the perfect gift for her. Thanks Anis and Matt! (and Faris as well I suppose?)

There's another thing which I have to thank Anis and Matt for today. Among her invited guest at the snip-snip ceremony today was Lisa Surihani. If you recall (of course you don't) in 2008 I wrote an entry which mentioned her movie "I'm not single" and said I quite fancy her to which Anis commented that she's like a sister to her - again wife is cool about this.

Gadis TV - file picture of her which i took. that's a lie. wonder if she's up for an outdoor photoshoot eh? would boost my portfolio tenfold...huu~

So yeah, she was there looking all Lisa Surihani like. She's as cute as she is on TV but I didn't really take a good look at her because I am a very bashful guy (lalaa~). And of course all celebrity has this glow - my theory: radiation from too many lights being on them during shooting. A nice and friendly girl I must say and very fond of little kids. She quite fancy my daughter and finds Sofeah rather sweet. I'm sure I need not say where Sofeah got that fine quality from Lisa...hihi.

So thanks again Anis and Matt for an interesting day (the food, the gift, the fanciful meeting). By the way say hi to her when you get the chance ;-)

Toodles! (common word)

My New Toy

Recently I've been blessed with extra income and so I thought why not buy me something worthwhile - you know after working so hard (slacking off only 49% of the time) throughout the year.

Bought me a new lens, a Canon EF-S 55-250 f4-5.6 IS. Yup, slightly telephoto-y but it's a canon. Got it for a good price as well - note to all photogs out there, visit the DSLR store at Subang Parade, it's worth the visit.

Before this I've only been using a kit lens as well as my un-trusty Tamron 28-200mm which I bought 2nd hand. The lens work okay still but being 3rd party it's slow and because it's quite old, the image would come out misty - fungi problem. Hmm should I sell it?

So anyway, didn't have time to really test it until this morning when my wife brought my kid to the park. So here are some of the result:

cranky little people

sleepy on the swing

blue swings

massaging her feet (another version here: flickr)

mum's turn

the slide isn't as fun when you're sleepy

I like the lens and quite like the result. Can't wait to test the thing at an official event. But being telephoto-y it's not easy to find the right event.

Hollinggaa!! (meaning, great - according to my wife's dictionary)