Go Back To The Village (Balik Kampung)

It’s been 1 week since the Chinese New Year and though nothing much was done we did go back to Kampung as usual (every CNY). You see, my grandma is a Chinese Muslim and therefore CNY is really important for my family…actually that’s a lie, we didn’t celebrate it at all and never have. In fact, my grandma doesn't even remember her Chinese roots.

So anyway...

Nothing much to tell here, but as they say, pictures tell a thousand words so here are some of the pics of our Kampung trip (as usual, also available at www.flickr.com/photos/wunr):

My grandma's house...actually, no...this is the shed for tools

shelter...main pondok2, apparently

wake up, head straight to the garden

Highlight: trip to the beach. Feels good when you see your daughter smiling gleefully

testing the water

feet stuck, can't move, have to sit down

smiling gleefully

Lowlight: it was damn hot!

the scorching sun...and this is 6.45pm!

Hello!! (doesn’t make sense right? Just felt cyber-screaming it)

Nothing Feels Better Than...

Nothing feels better than having your daughter wait at the door for you once you arrive from a tiring day at work.

Nothing feels better than seeing your daughter smile while she rushes to hug you the moment you enter the house.

Nothing feels better than having your wife greet you with a cordial salam whilst holding a glass of plain water on one hand so that you could quench your thirst.

Nothing feels better than having your wife ask you "how was your day?" when in fact it may not interest her at all.

Nothing feels better than having an unintelligible conversation with your 1 year, 3 months old daughter and imagining her talking about her day and asking you about yours.

It feels great to be where I am in life...

Love this child!!