Faridatul Bariza is my Great Woman!


People say that behind every great man there’s a great woman. Behind every success there’s failure. Behind every heartbreak there is bliss. No actually the other two is just made up and is not at all relevant to this entry.

So anyway, behind every great man there is a great woman. This is what people say. Who are these people? I don’t know. I know people always say ‘people say’. Again I say people say to explain ‘people say’. I’m not making sense right now.

So to continue with the saying, I guess my wife is the woman at my behind. Okay, that doesn’t sound right. Let’s start again. I guess the great woman behind me is my wife. I’m not saying I’m a great man. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful with where I am right now but to say I’m a great man is just exaggerating my status. I’m an okay man. Behind every okay man there’s a great woman. That’s better.

My wife is an inspiration. She’s there when I’m sick, she’s there when I’m sad, she’s there when I’m lonely, she’s there whenever I need her. Of course, we stay in the same house and we’re married after all, so if she’s not there all the time with me then there’s an underlying problem. That’s beside the point.

Now my wife is pregnant and fasting.. I remember before this Holy month we tried fasting to train her. She had it bad. She was weak and unable. She had trouble breathing and was always pale. We tried a couple of days fasting, and even though she managed to complete both days she was a wreck. I thought I was living with Casper . Only that she’s a girl and doesn’t float and not annoying and she’s prettier. Okay she was nothing like Casper and I didn’t think I was living with Casper …It’s just word crapping…moving on.

But now, after 29 days of fasting, she completes every day with ease. If this is an ice skating competition she’d be soaring like an eagle. Okay that doesn’t make sense (…) She’s strong, she cooks after a busy day at work, she cleans, she rubs my back and tickle my neck (just wanted it to rhyme for no apparent reason - it did not happen…uhuk!), she goes to the bazaar with me, she buys groceries with me and so on so forth. She’s close to Wonder Woman except that she can’t fly and doesn’t wear skimpy outfits…in public. Hihi.

I am at awe with this woman. When so many other pregos (what I call pregnant women) lose the battle during fasting month, she holds her own and carry herself well. She even has the time to worry about the unborn child (what to buy, where to get, budget, etc.), about Raya (what to do, where to buy stuff, the open house, etc.) and also about her family.

This, people, is no easy feat. She is strong willed and determined. She wasn’t like this before. It all changed after marriage, as she is now more confident and more resolute than before. This in turn makes me a stronger man. I mean without her by my side, so many things I dream of doing would continue being a dream.. But with her around, all my dreams are turning to reality. All my goals are being checked from the list. All my aspirations are turning into certainty.

We have our ups and downs for sure, but most of the time she is kind enough and sweet enough to forgive if I’m at fault. I mean if she’s at fault I would not give her a chance in the world. I would batter her with guilt and play with her conscience. That’s why this entry is not about me. (Okay that was made up, please don’t believe me - this part only).

She is not just the great woman beside me, she is my Bonnie (of Bonnie and Clyde ), she is my Rachel (F.R.I.E.N.D.S), she is my Wan Azizah, I won’t go as far as saying she’s my Rosmah because that woman has some serious thinking to do.

A tribute to my wife, commemorating her for this joyful season of ‘Eidul Fitri. The first for us as husband and wife.

Thanks hon. Love you always and Selamat Hari Raya.

(I would sign here if I actually know how to do it digitally)

This Coming Holiday Season...Joyful!

Despite the many holiday seasons in Malaysia, and I mean a whole lot, Hari Raya is the pick of the bunch. Mainly because of the fact that the country has a majority Muslim population, but also because that is usually when people would go back to their hometown and celebrate with their relatives (both known and sometimes unknown).

Me, well the thing is my wife is expecting our first child in November and her stomach is fully bloated right now so she probably wouldn't be able to sit in the car for too long. To be safe, I guess we'll just celebrate at home.

Despite the fact that we won't be with our relatives, we are quite happy to see out this holiday season with as much joy as we can gather just by being with each other. Of course my mom would be here as well so that covers the food part.

Aaah yes Hari Raya in Malaysia is different than in some other parts of the world. The common name for it throughout the world is 'Eidul Fitri which translate as festivity ('eid) and nature (fitrah). Of course after a long period of fasting fitri could also translate as the break of fast.

It is nothing short of magical really this festive season because of the fact that people disregard other, I would say, "political" sentiments to come together and celebrate the success of Ramadhan (fasting month). Though the mood would usually die out after the second week of this month long festive season, but it would still be grand throughout.

This is my first time celebrating this Raya with my wife and my unborn child so it would be really special despite not celebrating it in the traditional way. But I would still expect the same festive mood.

We also would like to invite people to our house on the third week of Raya. This is the first time we're opening up the house to anyone other than close family and also the first time we're organizing a gathering in our new (rented) house, so that's something to look forward to.

That's a lot of first huh? To think that this time last year I didn't even know what to do with my life.

So with Ramadhan only a couple days to go, I hope the Raya mood isn't going to catch up on me too fast. It would be a waste of precious Ramadhan moment wouldn't it?

Salam 'Eidul Fitri and have the best of Raya people! Drive safe!

Note To Self...


Note to self.

Brace yourself. Several things in this world have gone haywire. These are some of it:-

~ The economic downturn. The 97 crisis started in Thailand - that's fine and dandy. This time, it's starting in the US. Another big empire going down? Most probably (Google Rome, Persia, Turkey, Soviet Union)

~ The ever brilliant (not!) Bush wants a 700Billion U$D bailout for the recession. $700Billion to be entrusted to one dim-witted man without much deliberation and in a short space of time? Crazy.

~ The Israelis are getting away with everything.

~ Malaysian politics are getting ridiculous. Everyone's susceptible to detention.

~ Rappers earn U$D160million per year to speak fast.

~ All long bearded Muslim in this world are viewed as terrorist.

~ Only 10% of English Premier League football clubs are owned by Englishmen - 95% of them sucks! (side note: Robinho went to Manchester City instead of Chelsea)

~ Reality TV shows are a pain but makes good TV.

~ The axis of evil in this world is determined by a dumbass.

~ The radio keeps on playing the same song. People keep on requesting the same, again and again.

~ U$D140 per barrel could raise petrol price up by 75cent. Cut that by 1/3 and the price drop by 25cent.

~ The financial sector of the country was headed for 4 years by a man who failed statistics.

Just be careful not to get sucked into this chaotic world and spew out to become a zombie, i.e. ignorant.

New Stuff!!

New sofa set just arrived!! Hoyeh!

Lovely, now it feels more like home (apart from the fact that the TV is on the floor).

So now guests are welcomed to our house. Wait, no not till we get our TV cabinet. Which will be soon since my salary have been issued (is that the right word?).

So anyway, looking forward to having a great life with my wife in our new rented sofa filled house. Haha. Can't wait for the baby to arrive too! Waaaah so many things going in life. Such is life.

Till my next entry! ;p

The Intro

This is my first entry on this non-political blog. I miss writing about life and such. Politics is good and all but it's nothing compared to my own life - minus politics.

Okay, so basically this blog is free from politics and is everything that has to do with other than politics. I may even consider writing a book chapter by chapter...hmm. Ridiculous.

Well this blog is actually meant for my unborn child (we have reasons to believe that it would be a cute little girl. The cute part is confirmed thanks to me...uhuk!)

My child, when you grow up, take this as the diary of ayah. But whatever is written here may not make sense all the time, because ayah doesn't make sense sometimes (ummi would argue and say 'most of the time', but she's just jealous..buweekk to ummi).

Till my next entry! ;p