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Somehow blogger doesn't really do justice to my already unsatisfying work...

My Photography Packages! / Maxi Cosi Midi for sale

I thought long and hard about going into wedding photography and I've decided to follow through with it with much vigor and determination (I need money). Therefore, I've conjured up this event packages ad which is not final but at the moment will do. I don't think I want to focus on weddings only and I'd also take up bookings for other events like birthdays, aqiqah, family photoshoot or whatever (subject to my liking).

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As you can see my charges are way below market price (Rm1,200-Rm5,000) but that's because I lack the experience and I don't think it's fair to charge more. But I'm quiet confident about my ability and I've covered events before for free.

My experience include sports event for my company (I've covered about 3 and they were pretty satisfied), family birthday parties and my brother's engagement. All went well and I managed to pretty well (I would say) even though I lack the equipment. So far I'm using my camera and that's it. No flash, no cool lens. Planning to buy them in the near future especially if I get a booking. Again, my service is very cheap (there may also be discounts).

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On another matter, my wife and I would like to sell this car seat as we already have one. It's quite cheap since it's a branded item (and the brand is very expensive). The item is in great condition, the color is just a little bit faded but looks very good still. It's actually a toss up really because my wife likes the condition of this one better than our other car seat but the other car seat is more expensive (we go for value rather than look...sad). So yeah, this one is for sale at a price of Rm270 (negotiable).

Believe me, it is worth the price (market price could fetch up to more than Rm1k for a new one). No editing was done on the pictures to make it look better.