Good luck to me

I've not written for so long. Hate myself for that. One of my passion in life is to write but where has that gone? I've lost my passion for music as well. I've not written a song for so long and have hardly touched my guitar.

All of this isn't so bad. I can do without playing guitar every other hour like I used to. I can do without writing songs, blog entries, letters to the media like I used to. But what I don't want to lose is my passion.

I don't want to miss out on missing doing all those things.

At the moment though, I really do miss it. I blame myself for it. Why am I not as passionate about all those little things in life anymore? Woody Harrelson said in Zombieland, "you gotta love the little things". Sometimes it takes a crazy character from a wacky movie to make you realise all these things.

So I'm trying to make a comeback. I'm setting a target for myself.

Work life is killing me. I find no joy in my work. I can't find any reason why I should look forward to working 5 days a week. Work life is killing my passion. But I'm not going to blame my work for what I've lost. It's part of life and I'm not the only one whose passion is starting to wither away.

I'm determined though, to fix this.

Good luck to me.

Movie about Sofeah's First Year


My daughter's first year in video...with my favourite song as theme