My New Toy

Recently I've been blessed with extra income and so I thought why not buy me something worthwhile - you know after working so hard (slacking off only 49% of the time) throughout the year.

Bought me a new lens, a Canon EF-S 55-250 f4-5.6 IS. Yup, slightly telephoto-y but it's a canon. Got it for a good price as well - note to all photogs out there, visit the DSLR store at Subang Parade, it's worth the visit.

Before this I've only been using a kit lens as well as my un-trusty Tamron 28-200mm which I bought 2nd hand. The lens work okay still but being 3rd party it's slow and because it's quite old, the image would come out misty - fungi problem. Hmm should I sell it?

So anyway, didn't have time to really test it until this morning when my wife brought my kid to the park. So here are some of the result:

cranky little people

sleepy on the swing

blue swings

massaging her feet (another version here: flickr)

mum's turn

the slide isn't as fun when you're sleepy

I like the lens and quite like the result. Can't wait to test the thing at an official event. But being telephoto-y it's not easy to find the right event.

Hollinggaa!! (meaning, great - according to my wife's dictionary)