Faris' Snip Snip and I'm Not Single

Interesting stuff to day (to me at least). Went to Faris' cukur jambul - that cute little boy got the snip-snip. In case you're wondering, Faris is Anis and Matt's little warrior child (hope I got this right Matt).

the little warrior during raya, at our place (matt bearhugging the child and anis at the back there)

So anyway, we were among the first to arrive and upon arrival the little warrior was still fast asleep. Nothing interesting there.

So as promised, Anis gave Sofeah her birthday present. Belated, because our chance of meeting is rather slim - but very much appreciated nonetheless. The present; a sing-a-long pop up book which Sofeah loves. Sofeah by the by, loves book. She also loves music. Her favourite cartoon is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Sufficed to say, this is the perfect gift for her. Thanks Anis and Matt! (and Faris as well I suppose?)

There's another thing which I have to thank Anis and Matt for today. Among her invited guest at the snip-snip ceremony today was Lisa Surihani. If you recall (of course you don't) in 2008 I wrote an entry which mentioned her movie "I'm not single" and said I quite fancy her to which Anis commented that she's like a sister to her - again wife is cool about this.

Gadis TV - file picture of her which i took. that's a lie. wonder if she's up for an outdoor photoshoot eh? would boost my portfolio tenfold...huu~

So yeah, she was there looking all Lisa Surihani like. She's as cute as she is on TV but I didn't really take a good look at her because I am a very bashful guy (lalaa~). And of course all celebrity has this glow - my theory: radiation from too many lights being on them during shooting. A nice and friendly girl I must say and very fond of little kids. She quite fancy my daughter and finds Sofeah rather sweet. I'm sure I need not say where Sofeah got that fine quality from Lisa...hihi.

So thanks again Anis and Matt for an interesting day (the food, the gift, the fanciful meeting). By the way say hi to her when you get the chance ;-)

Toodles! (common word)


Dearests; Matt and Anis said...

:) Cool entry.

Matt says "Little Warrior" is very accurate.

Glad Sofeah likes the book.

Nnt insyaAllah we introduce you guys betul2 kat Lisa. Then boleh la you pitch photography deal kat dia. :)

wun said...

Haha yes Sofeah loves the book :)

Hihi was just kidding about the photography thingy (uhuk! standard automated brain response but heart says differently)...