2010: The Year of the Chilla!


It is almost the start of the new year with only tomorrow being the last of 2009. Much happened in this past year that I don’t actually know which part to write on. In fact, my mind is so full of 2009 happenings that it is a whirlwind of insurmountable blurriness. I can’t share a single story of 2009.

Why should I discuss 2009 anyway right? We have 2010 to look forward to!

But before that; yesterday was me and wifey’s 2nd year anniversary and I would like to write a few words on it. I know we didn’t actually remember our anniversary this year until about 7pm yesterday when it suddenly struck me like a fish straight from the ice box in the wet market (I’m not sure what this means but that’s what I think of it) but nevertheless, a 2nd year of marriage for me has seen us strengthen the bond that we created only 2 years prior (hence 2nd year anniversary). I foresee this marriage going nowhere but up from here on end.

That’s all, no sentimental, romantic thoughts on it. Saving it for a very special day some time early next year.

So 2010! What do I look forward to the most? Well I’m actually looking forward to a very prosperous year filled with activities. Yes, next year won’t be like 2009 where life was bogged down by tormenting work experience, inability to travel around much due to our love for our incompetent newborn child (all newborn child are incompetent so this does not mean I degraded my own child), having to relocate ourselves so that life would be much easier with more money in the pocket, using our non-existing money to buy essential things only to accumulate debts (which thankfully I’ve cleared...phew!) and trying to actually settle down after a tornado-like 2008.

For 2010 I’m looking forward to, first of all, staying clear of financial ruins. Finance is part and parcel of everyday life, more so for young married couple with a child and nothing to begin with. So, having gone through 2009 with careful financial planning and precision implementation of financial policy, 2010 should be an easier year financially. Doesn’t mean we would be splurging our money (next big aim is a family car and a comfortable house) but access to our little family fund would be slightly more lenient this coming year.

Next would be work. At the moment I’ve found my forte, so to speak. Not only is it something I can do but it is also something which I can enjoy (75% of the time). Anyone can tell you that if you can do something which you enjoy even 51% of the time, then that’s a good enough job for you. So, in 2010, I look forward to continuing what I’m doing now whether it is in the same organization or moving up in the world at another organization. I’m not actively looking elsewhere, but if the opportunity arises, I won’t not consider it. By the way, I’m doing Corporate Affairs/ Communication work (in case head hunters happen to read my blog).

Also in 2010, I’m actually looking forward to my child talking and behaving more like a little kid. Right now things are great with her, but sometimes not knowing what she wants can be a little bit frustrating. In my mind, I see her drawing, reading books, building things and having proper conversation with us in 2010. She’s already doing all that right now, but without any real skill or understanding.

Since 2008 is about building a new life just the 2 of us, moving in to a new home together and 2009 is about getting a new car and other essentials, 2010 might not be as grand or monumental in our life’s brief history. Thus, it should be less of a worry and a lot more fun. We are planning to go on a family trip to perhaps Melaka and visit our kampong more (doubt it really). We might also have more family outings and have occasional night out at slightly pricey and yet affordable restaurants.

In 2010 also, I’m looking forward to dive into photography a bit more. I’m thankful for the fact that I had extra income this end of year to purchase some camera equipment for my beloved Brooke II (my camera). More promoting is needed I know but I’m too lazy. But that’s 2009. I’ve gained more experience throughout 2009 and 2010 would be a great year to kick things off.

Wah already too long an entry. By the way, these are not resolutions or anything. It’s just what I envision for 2010. With resolution there’s more pressure to actually do it all. But envisioning is already seeing it happen (I know a load of crap, but save myself my own sorrowful pity if I don’t get to do what I want for 2010).

Who knows 2010 may also offspring a few surprises from the oven...wait, what does that mean? And why did I use the word 'offspring'? ahak...ahak...

Chilla!!!!! (someone used this on Facebook and I thought it’s nice way to end my entries from now on...annoying I know)


Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

wun said...

thanks but err...heh i don't have a twitter account..maybe someday...