Technology is quite advanced now; me, not so much. I realize internet is much like coffee now, we can have it on-the-go. Then there’s TV-HD-3D which is like having the real thing in front of you only that you can’t actually feel it, but it’s very clear. If you’re watching football, having moving images of 22 ball enthusiasts running around isn’t enough, human nature demands we clearly see the sweat drip from these enthusiasts.

Again me, not so much. My hand phone is the old technology of 2007. Yes, very old apparently, I only have mp3 and GPRS. My TV isn’t even functioning well, it crackles and shut off once in a while, by itself. My computer, well my trusted computer died on me 3 days ago. I need to repair my windows for the hundredth time in a year – I was also told my computer’s technology is 5 generations old, which if you calculate in normal time, it is 6 years outdated. If it is human my computer would be 300 years old (1 generation 60 years old or something).

Do I feel obsolete? Sometimes I do. I mean I really do want to upgrade my computer or at least the monitor. Apparently my monitor could give me eye cancer – damn. My phone is still hanging in there, even though sometimes I can’t read any sms. Sure I would like a new TV, one which does not think it is a fly trapper and sounding like it is frying imaginative flies (you have to hear it yourself).

The only thing I can say I’m quite technologically on par with others is my camera. But that’s only in par with others who does not have that much money laa. If I compare to those who are rich enough to have a Mark D 5II or a 90D or something more advanced then my camera is pretty weak. Which actually mean I’m not really on par la kan? damn.

Actually I’m not that bothered by it but it is nice if I can have at least one thing which is in par with others. Right now the problem is finance (as with anything) but, is it that necessary? I haven’t had internet at home for 3 days, haven’t used internet at home for 2 weeks prior to that, have not logged in to Facebook for a month, have never had a Twitter account, have been watching TV satisfyingly with the crackler, yesterday my phone was turned off for the whole day because I forgot to charge it but I survived the day pretty well.

I can honestly say I’m doing okay with what I have. So it’s not that necessary. It’s just nice.


Dearests; Matt and Anis said...

Sama la kita.
No Twitter and internet on my phone.

People so pelik at the fact yg I don't have a GPS in our car. They ask "How do you get around then?".

Hahahha. It's like the watch. At one time, ppl could tell time just by looking at the positon of the sun/moon. Now, takda jam tak tau time.

wun said...

haha i think there are a lot more people like us...we are the ones who update our status in FB once in a while..

i pun takde GPS...i get around by getting lost..hee