Go Back To The Village (Balik Kampung)

It’s been 1 week since the Chinese New Year and though nothing much was done we did go back to Kampung as usual (every CNY). You see, my grandma is a Chinese Muslim and therefore CNY is really important for my family…actually that’s a lie, we didn’t celebrate it at all and never have. In fact, my grandma doesn't even remember her Chinese roots.

So anyway...

Nothing much to tell here, but as they say, pictures tell a thousand words so here are some of the pics of our Kampung trip (as usual, also available at www.flickr.com/photos/wunr):

My grandma's house...actually, no...this is the shed for tools

shelter...main pondok2, apparently

wake up, head straight to the garden

Highlight: trip to the beach. Feels good when you see your daughter smiling gleefully

testing the water

feet stuck, can't move, have to sit down

smiling gleefully

Lowlight: it was damn hot!

the scorching sun...and this is 6.45pm!

Hello!! (doesn’t make sense right? Just felt cyber-screaming it)